Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basalt market on Sunday a lady was selling t-shirts off the back of her truck. Pretty fun.

not for sale

How many paintings have you seen of this? The Harbor in Portofino

not for sale

It's that camera thing again. Vineyard in France


There is a challenge website called "A Day Not Wasted" that publishes photos for challenges. This was taken in Central Park. I felt like I was there while painting it. Glad I'm not there now-I would probably be frozen.

11 x 14 $425.00

This painting is the other half of the painting I did with Laurel Daniel's class on Bull Creek.

I loved painting these beauties. I used a pallette knife for the flowers.

not for sale

Sorry about the photo of this. A camera genius I'm not. We were in Rome and I took a photo of this building. I really love architecture so decided to try my hand at painting it. I had fun.

12 x 12 $350.00

My good artist friend Cheryl sent a photo of this man to me. He really fancinated me so I tried painting him. I am pleased with the result.

11 x 14 $750

Another painting of the beautiful aspens in Colorado. This painting was acceped into the juried art show "For the Love of Art" at Austin Art Space. Hooray!


This is the "Little Red Truck" that I painted in Colorado. It was juried into the Wimberley Valley Art League Juried art show in the fall. It is oil on panel.

8 x 10 $350.00